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Monday, April 24, 2006

Has anything changed in 15 years?

I Will Not
[by a Grade-5 Student of Karachi High School on Earth Day 1991]

Today on Earth Day we are celebrating by making promises
But I will not

I will not stop throwing paper on the ground
I will not stop using plastic bags
I will not go to clean the beaches
I will not stop polluting
I will not do all these things because I am not polluting the world
It is the grown-ups who are dropping bombs
It is the grown-ups who have to stop
One bomb destroys more than all the paper & plastic that I can throw in all my life
It is the grown-ups who should get together and talk to each other
They should solve problems and stop fighting and stop wars
They are making acid rain and a hole in the ozone layer

I will not listen to the grown-ups!


Anonymous Ghazala said...

Hats of to this bright spunky 5th grader from Karachi High School who had the understanding of what was really going wrong with us grown ups 15 years ago. Surely it must have been part of a regimented school assignment where he was told all about how youngsters must do all the right things vis a vis the environment. thank you young man (anon) for telling us what we adults should be doing.
No not only has anything changed in 15 years - its gotten worse, and yes we are to blame.
If 5% of the world's population continues to use more than 56% of the world's resourses, and is the only continent that has produced the hole in the ozone layer and all the wars in the last 15 years, then do we have an option but to wait for the day after tomorrow?

26 April, 2006 12:42

Blogger the olive ream said...

I love the honesty of children. It is in your face, undiplomatic and totally unpretentious.

Well said indeed!

26 April, 2006 23:29

Anonymous hira said...

dear zak,
your blog is definitely something to visit again and again. who is the grade-5-student? i want to give him or her a tight hug. thankyou for publishing this!

a bunch of kids at lums have started a political and literary magazine for inciting debate & cultivating a social consciousness called Sha'oor. i was wondering if maybe this piece could be re-published there.

hira (
ps. hope you and ummi are well.

28 April, 2006 21:37


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