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Monday, May 08, 2006

For Nuz

The cake at Espresso at midnite said 'Happy Anevercery'.
The single piece that you & I shared
with Jehan Ara and Sabeen
(with a bit sent to Mimi)
was a far cry from
the amount
we two
would devour
without any qualms
until just a short while ago.

Oh, well!
What the hell!
Diabetes & Cholestrol
May have taken their toll
But it's been one great life!
I'd live it exactly this way again.
(But I wouldn't buy that Adnan Sami Khan record this time around!)

Thank you, Nuzhat, for braving 36 years with me.

I am glad that we have both remained
as crazy as we were when
this pic was taken.

Much love!



Blogger insiya said...

wooooooow! - congrats! :)
i am coming over for some cake - very soon! :)

08 May, 2006 13:57

Blogger bluecheese said...

*clap clap*


08 May, 2006 16:36

Anonymous Ghazala said...

a very happy though belated anniversary to 2 much loved people - who we hope remain as 'crazy' in this "sane'" world as they have always been since we have had the privelege of knowing them
To another 36 crazy years
lots of love
ghazala & Hasan

08 May, 2006 22:23

Blogger sam said...

oh my god, congratulations!!!!! i'm now truly in awe of you.

08 May, 2006 23:21

Blogger the olive ream said...

ZAK, a belated but a happy anniversary to you both. 36 wonderful years of a great partnership..may it continue for many, many years to come.

My best wishes to you both.

10 May, 2006 21:34

Anonymous MJ said...

Mucho love-o to my favourite people and I pray for many many more to come!

love you guys *mwah*


17 May, 2006 21:19

Blogger Ali Kazim Gardezi said...

Belated Happy Wedding Anniversary ZAK!! May u have many more...

My warmest regards to u n Nuzat aunty. Take Care

25 May, 2006 03:02


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