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Friday, November 17, 2006

You were not born to shop!

Click image to learn about fighting consumerism in your area!

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Blogger vintage said...

buy nothing, but do eat out ;)

17 November, 2006 18:35

Blogger sage said...

i like that poster!

17 November, 2006 23:16

Blogger Jawad Zakariya said...

I'm participating by not having any money to buy anything !

18 November, 2006 09:08

Anonymous rayhan said...

@vintage: Do you recommend 'Italican' food?

18 November, 2006 10:30

Anonymous rayhan said...

@jawad zakariya: True restraint lies in resisiting the power to buy when you have the ability to do so. Having read your comment on the Zune and Mac , I suggest you participate fully by getting some money: Sell your iPod!

18 November, 2006 10:51

Blogger vintage said...

@rayhan: for you i recommend a psychiatrist. seriously.

18 November, 2006 19:07

Anonymous peewee said...

VINTAGE: Why? You don't like jokes? Puns? Digs at you? If your big big love is food, visit my link by clicking my name.

18 November, 2006 19:25

Blogger Jawad Zakariya said...

@rayhan: Funny !!! and not a bad idea...maybe my hair will start turning back to black once i'm rid of that piece of junk! :-)

19 November, 2006 13:28

Blogger the olive ream said...

Buy Nothing Day - I think I've been participating since last week. I think I can stretch it to the end of the month, if I dont starve myself to death.

19 November, 2006 21:36

Anonymous rayhan said...

Well, sell it now, Jawad mian ... before there's no hair left to turn black.

20 November, 2006 23:16

Anonymous Sarwan said...

Thanks for the post Zak. :)

Resisting the temptations to buying things is not something to be observed for a day (or two) and be forgotten for the rest of the year, but it's a whole new perspective to living altogether.
The urge to buying things: That's something which we must learn to fight against... at all times!!

So effectively, while I think it's nice to celebrate the "Buy-Nothing Day(s)" every year,
but it's so much better if we try to have "every" day, as a "Try To Buy Nothing Day"! :))

Here's a nice link - that can help us fight the buying urge better:


24 November, 2006 20:27


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