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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I am speechless (a very rare condition, indeed, as friends will

"You must understand the environment in Pakistan," the President said, speaking a couple of days ago to The Washington Post, "This has become a moneymaking concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped."

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Anonymous Beena Sarwar said...


15 September, 2005 23:26

Anonymous Jeanne Bergman said...

Oh my God, he didn't!

15 September, 2005 23:28

Anonymous Ijaz Syed said...

Amazing isn' it!
After reading the statement in the forwarded Washington Post,  my comment on ANAA list was:

"It is evident to me that the General is totally rattled now.

We know that more cases of violence against women are coming to light now because more people & civic organizations are standing up to demand justice for the victims of this primitive violence against women in Pakistan.

In the face of mounting opposition on the issue, Musharaf statement provides a glimpse into the state of confusion and a total lack of objectivity among the ruling elite. It is an illustration of the fact that absolute power is blind. It starts losing its grip when people stand up to it...."

15 September, 2005 23:30

Anonymous Ameena S. said...

I agree. It is unbelievable. If it wasn’t so sad, I’d laugh.

15 September, 2005 23:38

Anonymous Ghazala Aziz said...

Appalling - Digusting.- Disgraceful.

15 September, 2005 23:39

Anonymous Sophia Hasnain said...

... and what about the consolation to us that such things happen in west as well? wow! that's a good analogy. "things happen" - but there at least the whole system, unlike ours, is on the side of rape victims not rapists!!!


15 September, 2005 23:41

Anonymous Pervez Hoodbhoy said...

Appalling! Makes your blood boil.

15 September, 2005 23:42


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