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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Hell Of A Situation

Hi everyone. I am in deep shit. And, actually so are all the Muslims who are reading this, if the Fatwa by the ShariatBoard is to be taken seriously. You can also read its English translation.

Of course, by blogging this I have compounded the felony. Damn!!!

Reminds me of a Douglas Adams line: He hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here ... and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya Alllahahahaha

13 June, 2006 22:25

Blogger the olive ream said...

Well, that does it! I quit!...

not blogging but reading this drivel by the shariat board...or more appropriately the Shariat (utterly) BORED. What's next on the list of sins?..reading, talking, thinking, listening, seeing? or perhaps even breathing. "How dare you inhale the same air molecules that are shared by other females in your near vicinity!"
Straight to hell for that one!

14 June, 2006 01:04

Anonymous Checkmate said...

What do we expect from the same lot who won't let a male doctor attend to pregnant woman because he might get aroused by her swollen belly. The ruling maulvis in the north banned male drs from attending to female patients. And do we really need the blogs to advertise the pathetic status of the Muslim ummah. I thought the OIC was doing a good job all on its own. Karo-kari, punishing rape victims under zina ordinance, vani, blasphamy law, Talibans, Osama Bin Ladin, sectarian violence were all hidden from the real world till the bloggers came along. Let the witch hunt begin. Hang the infidels who dare to question or think. And if it is a female blogger stone her to death, how could she let a male blogger see her typed words.

I will be asking my blog to wear a veil , so men please lower your gaze when you visit.

14 June, 2006 10:13

Blogger moizza said...

I want to smite him in the bowels with a typewriter.Such overarching decrees bring out the most primordial angry-punna in me.

14 June, 2006 10:24

Blogger vintage said...

vented out on the other blog. when i was directed to that blog a couple of days back, i thought i was in trouble. for the eh, post that i got bashed for.

i would like my blog to have a niqaab from which people can see the woman's eyes.

14 June, 2006 12:23

Anonymous rayhan said...

moizza - that is not how that smiteable place is spelled.

14 June, 2006 12:36

Anonymous rayhan said...

vintage: i would like my blog to have a niqaab from which people can see the woman's eyes.

me: yesss. and hopefully not the rest of the blog!

14 June, 2006 12:47

Blogger moizza said...

Rayhan: Not really. There's no point smiting his smarties.

Thank you for directing blog audience.Little ego boost for the day:)

And i don't know how to fix the archive link:(

14 June, 2006 15:18

Blogger Zakintosh said...

smarties? didn't know they were coloured ... oh well.

you deserve a larger audience. keep writing. can't get enuff of it!!!

am looking at the archive link problem. apparently it's happening to many. should have it sorted soon.

14 June, 2006 16:35

Blogger vintage said...

rayhan: i didn't know you had a problem with potential blog-nudity. if so, i'm declaring my blog haram for u.

15 June, 2006 14:59

Blogger jadedprimadonna said...

Wow. Shocking. Although, we probably have some fundamental types over here that would say the exact same kind of thing, sadly.

17 June, 2006 00:46


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