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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Take a deep breath! Block your nose and mouth. Exhale!

Damn! Now there are 3 people in my life wanting me to lay my trust in Breathing as a way to cure all diseases. The Video-CD that I have been made to watch guarantees Total Cure, for everything from Cancer to Hemorhoids. What does a Guarantee mean here? Total Cure or your disease back?

I haven't seen all the videos yet, so can't tell you if Hemorrhoid treatment will require breathing from the usual end or not.

One thing's sure: Maharaj Thandagaram, who is conducting the training on the Video, suffers from Lingual Rectitis - a not-so-rare condition among such gurus - which is caused by the sphincter and jaw muscles becoming entangled and resulting in the patient talking shit!

To be fair, he is much respected in circles that respect him, since his earlier book, pictured below, received the prestigious Deepak Chootia Award.

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Blogger the olive ream said...

ROTFL! where do you come up with them?!


02 July, 2006 23:34

Anonymous rayhan said...

"he is much respected in circles that respect him" - lol

03 July, 2006 09:00

Anonymous Kurt said...

You have actually copyrighted the image? Wow. You ARE a thorough professional!

03 July, 2006 10:38

Blogger Zakintosh said...

No, Kurt. Not quite. But you seem like a potential customer for the book ...

03 July, 2006 11:08

Anonymous Ghazala said...

Zakintosh Wow!!!
where the h--- do you come up with these?
Absolutely brilliant. I can't believe you've really got these videos and are watching them
just can't stop laughing
toooooooooo goood.
soon I'll have a bellyache from laughing so much -and don't you dare suggest I use any of the breathing or other surgeries in your quacktime videos-

03 July, 2006 19:59

Anonymous vintage said...

if i didn't know u better i'd think u weren't serious!

this is hilarious! :D

05 July, 2006 08:57

Anonymous doc.shamim said...

besides so much enlightenment i've had from you on various subjects, this one is the best, specially when i learn that breathing can clear blocked coronary arteries without the life-threatening angioplasty procedure.

06 July, 2006 19:35

Anonymous arvind_mahalingam said...

Best medical book after "How to Circumcise Yourself Using a Staedler Pencil Sharpener" by Eyebladd Tudath. [FYI: This was also a title that Zak came up with when he was in Delhi]. You know you are nuts, Zak?

07 July, 2006 07:25

Blogger Zakintosh said...

If I am Nuts, you and I make a great Trio ;-)

07 July, 2006 08:56


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