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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Guess he's got exactly what it takes!

He's going to be a PM who will not be a yes-man, the papers inform us. Joy! And such good tidings on Pakistan day? Double joy!! And, once again a PPP PM. Another hurrah!

Getting away from the mysterious [d]rift[s] of the other Makhdoom - I was eager to find out more about the man who seems to have the blessings of a diverse group that features the socialist-turned-rightwing PPP, the rightwing-posing-as-centrist conservative PML-N,the progressive ANP, the indefinable but most definitely secular MQM, and a roly-poly Maulana.

DAWN featured a profile that said the following about him:
• Mr Gilani was the first elected chairman of the District Council, Multan. He defeated the local government minister Syed Fakhar Imam, some 25 years ago.

• In the 1985 non-party elections, he was elected MNA and became the minister for housing and railways in the cabinet of Mohammad Khan Junejo.

• In 1988 elections, he defeated the then Punjab chief minister Nawaz Sharif on PPP ticket.

• In 1990, again on a PPP ticket, he was elected an MNA after defeating Makhdoom Hamid Raza Gilani, a former federal minister. In 1993, he defeated Malik Sikander Hayat Bosan and later became Speaker of the National Assembly.

• Mr Gilani contested the election in 1997 on a PPP ticket, but the party did not win a single seat in Punjab.

• He was jailed in 2001 over charges of misuse of his authority by giving jobs to undeserving people in the National Assembly Secretariat when he was the speaker.

• He spent six years in jail and could not contest the 2002 elections. During his detention, he also authored a book, ‘Chaahé Yusuf Say Sadaa’.

• He was made the senior vice-chairman of the PPP in 1998.
Not extra-ordinarily impressive, you'll agree, even if we include the (purposefully?) ignored honour: He was a member of Zia-ul-Haq’s Majlisé Shoora. I think we could list many others (in all parties) with similar records, give or take a bit.

Ahhh ... I missed the whole point, in my rush, by scanning quickly through the real qualifications that Pakistanis must be made to value. The 8 qualities above were sandwiched between the far more important qualifications:
• Yusuf Raza Gilani is a member of an influential political family of Multan and a Syed, to boot!

• His father was a signatory to the Pakistan Resolution.

• His grandfather and paternal uncle had been elected members of the legislative assembly in the 1946 elections.

• His great-grandfather was both mayor of Multan in 1921, a member of the Central Legislative Assembly of India, served as a member of the assembly from 1921 to 1936, and was known as the father of the Indian Assembly.

• He is also related to Pir Pagara, the head of PML-Functional.
(I wonder if an extra flag on his car can have a shield with the phrase 'Pidaram Sultan Bood' embroidered on it.)
Oh well ... The Presidential Palace may not be getting a fresh coat of paint ... but, at least, the PM house is getting whitewashed!

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Blogger Prospero said...

The meanderings of fate...and of Pakistani politicos...are indeed fascinating

23 March, 2008 20:46

Blogger aziz72 said...

@ Zakintosh, quite an impressive list of qualifications, but you forgot to add two more- one not so important - his relationship with Pir Pagara is about to get compounded - his son is soon to tie the knot with the Pir's grand daughter.
Second - more importantly he's a great buddy of A to Zee, and that's what really matters. Of course he will dance to the tune of the co-chairman of his party. So much for DEMOCRACY. Our largest and most popular political party doesn't actually believe in democracy within it's own ranks, else they would have righted many of their previous wrongs by allowing the CEC to vote on the issue of the Chairperson of the party after 27th December, and they definitely would have elected their choice for the PM's slot and not 'selected' him, much like a parrot pulling out THE card from a deck!
An sms doing the rounds these days talks of changing the popular patriotic slogan "Pakistan Zinabad" to "Pakistan sey zinda bhaag".

23 March, 2008 21:13

Anonymous rahmat masih said...

What a slogan aziz72 ... and funny, too. But do not ever take it seriously. I had to run away years ago to avoid the growing discrimination that the majority practicing it never fully understands but the minority feels. But I'll tell you one thing: Comfortable as i am in my job and the opportunities my children have in our new country, I pray EACH Sunday in church for Pakistan to become a safe and liveable place for your children and one which my children can visit as the land of their forefathers someday.

23 March, 2008 21:41

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

In our part of the world, people often have to look for the lesser evil than the best choice.

23 March, 2008 22:30

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Both candidates, Fahim and Gilani, are far from 'Evil' ... by all accounts from people who know them. That is why either could make the best 'Front' :D

Just joking.

PPP is far better than most of the allies they are dealing with. But it certainly started with a screw-up in it's disgusting confrontation with War Against Rape yesterday.

23 March, 2008 23:25


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