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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Educators/Parents: It's Your Call

Web Wise Kids, Verizon, WILL Interactive, and the ESA Foundation have created the game “It’s Your Call” for schools, law enforcement and community organizations to teach teens about “sexting,” cyber-bullying, academic cheating and related issues.

Launched in the Los Angeles Unified School District at Sepulveda Middle Schools in North Hills, CA, the game aims to help over one million students in the U.S. learn about safe cell phone use and Internet responsibility. Users of the game become live action characters that “play out difficult situations in the safety of cyberspace before they live them out in real life;” the game also offers guidance about responsible cell phone behaviors and how to stay safe.

FROM: Tech & Learning eNews - May 5, 2009

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Blogger Maleeha said...

I am not able to check the link right now, but cyber bullying definitely is a problem that needs more attention. It is amazing how real life problems among children at school are carried forward from the virtual environment, instead of the other way round. Cyber bullying takes on quite dramatic proportions, both in intensity and frequency, when compared to regular bullying (as if regular bullying wasn't enough).

06 May, 2009 12:08


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