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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sharing a piece from The Fezana Journal

I thought that since the journal itself has a very different readership from people visiting my blog I'd share a piece I was invited to write for it. Don't know if this is infringing some copyright … but if it is, I apologize. The reason I want to do this is so that people outside the Parsi community can read about this, too — specially the younger Karachiites. Also, the Fall 2009 issue of the journal is still not on its net archives.

Though my page-long 'memoir' is about the Parsi community, in general, it does mention a few people by name, among whom was my friend, Munchi, to whose memory I would like to dedicate this.

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Anonymous Sabeen Mahmud said...

This was worth getting yelled at by Toxy :D I feel privileged to know a number of Parsis and really enjoyed reading your reminiscences ... harks back to a city and times we'll only know through pieces such as this.

BTW, surely you didn't write 'Eid' in the original - Farishta must have 'edited' it, nah?

19 June, 2009 10:23

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Yes, Farishta thought my 'Eed' was a typo :) ... Guess it's too late to undo the damage but was considering 'correcting' the image today. Don't know now - because it would made your comment invalid if I did. Hmmm. Soch rahaa hooñ …

19 June, 2009 17:10

Blogger Zakintosh said...

@Sabeen Mahmud - Aaargh! Couldn't leave it that way. Corrected it and wrote it my way. Your comment and my follow-ups are self-explanatory now.

19 June, 2009 19:14

Anonymous rahmat masih said...

Nice work. Started out on such a humourous light note and ended in profoundly warm statement. One of your best bits when it comes to sharing your persona.

20 June, 2009 09:17

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

I wish I too could've run off to sea without bothering to get any degrees. Those never did me any good anyway!


22 June, 2009 03:23

Blogger Fawad Zakariya said...

Zak, excellent piece. Anything illuminating the lives and history of the ever endangered Pakistani minorities is welcome. When it is in your inimitable style it becomes precious.

Everytime I read one of these personal pieces by you I always wish that somebody could coax you into writing a memoir or at a minimum a series of personal essays.

23 June, 2009 06:00

Blogger Zakintosh said...

@rahmat masih: Is the trip back home on?

@Fawad Zakariya: Thank you. Family and close friends have also wanted me to write my memoirs but I feel that a collection of personal essays, which you suggest, is something I am more likely to be able to accomplish. Bits and pieces of that nature are in the pipeline and the final product will include some of the stuff from 'Windmills', slightly modified. The biggest challenge was figuring out a good way to present 'hyperlinks' to voices and images that I really think are important to such narratives, now that we have various means to do so. I have thought up a solution and, now that I am gainfully unemployed, have started on it.

23 June, 2009 07:28

Anonymous the olive ream said...

ZAK, that was a riveting read! You should do more pieces like this for your blog...

23 June, 2009 16:17

Blogger sarah islam said...

Dear ZAK,
As always, it was a pleasure reading your piece. For me, one of the pleasures of moving to India is the fact that I can now eat as much Parsi food as possible:-) Back in Lahore, we didn't have that luxury although you in Karachi would have been invited to many Parsi houses and eaten their heavenly food.

The Parsis are an amazing community: dignified, industrious, gossipy and fun...just the way we love them!

When you come to India, I will take you to all the Parsi food joints that I know of. Hurry though, most of the places might close down soon :-)

PS. Have been emailing you non stop but you don't seem to have received my mails. Please tell me where else I can email's about your books

24 June, 2009 12:14

Blogger Zainab Dhanji said...

I don't know how did I manage to land here, on your blog, but this i can say certainly that it was great having to come here. Nice work.

30 June, 2009 13:42


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