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Friday, August 21, 2009

Among the many moments I cherish

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Anonymous jz said...

This nation of over-zealous muslims punished the good doctor by completely writing him off. The internationally acclaimed physicist who brought laurels to Pakistan by winning Nobel Prize was not allowed to even step his foot in the country. This is how we treat our benefactors. No wonder we are one of the most insulted and humiliated people around the globe today.

Our wrath is not restricted to this one great benefactor. Another remarkable personality who served as Pakistan’s first foreign minister Sir Zafrullah Khan was also forgotten and written off from our history. I can bet that majority of school, college and university going students would not even know his name. There is never any mention of his services and his life is never commemorated or celebrated. What is common between Dr. Abdul Salam and Sir Zafrullah Khan? Both were Ahmadis. And Muslims of Pakistan enjoy a divine right to persecute Ahmadis and earn a spot in heaven. Urghhhhhhh!

21 August, 2009 14:25

Blogger Atif Khan said...

As long as Pakistan is Islamic republic, things would never change.

22 August, 2009 12:23

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Pakistan, a non-Islamic republic? Don't hold your breath for it even if you think there's a small chance of it happening.

While I may want to see it as a Secular State, that's my vote. The majority seems to vote, now, for an Islamic Republic - without bothering to understand the implications. Why? Because the way the question seems to be framed in their minds (through years of manipulation) is "Do you want a secular state or are you a Muslim?"

A nation so easily duped by the machinations of Ayub, the rhetoric of the Bhuttos, the referenda of Zia and Musharraf, and the sheer evil of the Sharifs, is hardly likely to be able to think anything through.

22 August, 2009 15:57

Blogger Faisal.K said...

Yet u are of the same soil and state and think differently?

Don't fault the matti sahab it can and still produces crops, whether we harvest them or not is upto us

25 August, 2009 17:29


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