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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tie ... 24.10.2009 / 21.31


Lie down.
Lie down.
Lie down.

Turn around.
Lie down. Lie down.


To let doc know.
Tell him to come up.
Tell him to come up with beads.

That's loads.

Yes, that's ...
That's loads.

I need to go to wish ...
I must shit again.

I must need to ...


I must need to shit.
I must need to shit again.

I must.



I must re-open my eyes again.


I need to keep my eyes open again.
I need to open my eyes.





And some where in the lay above I was taken. Ahh.

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Anonymous DesiBackToDesh said...

Welcome back ZAK, I have missed you.

15 November, 2009 20:03

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Q: What did Zakintosh say when he saw the doc come?

A: Woh aaye haiN baa-isq-e-naa-muraadi
Behar-haal ab muskuraana hoga


15 November, 2009 23:14

Blogger sabizak said...

Only you could turn something like this into a thing of beauty. And poetry.

Did you notice the irony in the numbers?

16 November, 2009 16:09

Blogger seenalif said...

so thrilled to see a post by you!! i've been checking regularly - this is my barometer of your health! welcome back and thanks for improving my day.

see you on Dec 9th.

16 November, 2009 22:23

Anonymous BeanZ said...

Welcome back. Great to see you online.

17 November, 2009 11:40

Blogger jehan said...

Terrific to see Windmills active again. We missed you. Welcome back.

17 November, 2009 19:31

Blogger Vic said...



18 November, 2009 14:30

Anonymous S&J said...

So glad that you're back on track. Wish you health and long life. We were missing Windmills and Zackintosh..

18 November, 2009 23:29

Anonymous Ayesha said...

Welcome back!

am so happy to see you back :)!! be active as before, lots of prayers on your way :)

Take cares!!!

23 November, 2009 02:19

Blogger sabizak said...

Heh, i just noticed the 'religion' tag. :D

28 November, 2009 20:35


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