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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here we go again ....

The headlines scream 'Present assembly can re-elect Musharraf'.

I scream, too; but on the inside. Not because I dislike President Musharraf but because I realize that - once again - those amazing beings, a hybrid of leeches and psycophants, known as Advisors, have managed to send someone down the path of disaster to cover their own asses.

However good the intentions, whenever someone takes over the reins of power, but does so with questionable legitimacy, he needs a coterie of people around him to prop him up. Many of these people, sooner or later, are corrupted by power and commit crimes that could, one day, be brought to trial ... by the next government.

So, what could be better than delaying the possibility of a change of Government? Habib Jalib, in his Musheer (written during the worst period of Ayub Khan's reign), uses sarcasm at its best to describe this sub-human species:


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Blogger the olive ream said...

All leaders start out claiming to be righteous, different and strong. Musharaf is no different. Avarice corrodes the core of their conviction. It weakens them so much that they need abhorant sycophants to help inflate their ego and support their insufferable lies.

I am so absolutely fed up..not a single effing leader can reside in the realm of realism or sanity. They are so clueless and indifferent to the needs of the public it is not even funny.

"Apni to duah hai yeh, Sadr to rahe sada"...NOT!...ZAK thank you for highlighting this...sarcasm makes a great point.

27 June, 2006 09:56

Blogger sabizak said...

WOW! To Habeeb Jaalib. Bohat zabardast lagee nazm. I recently read an interesting piece on Jaalib by Jugnu Mohsin published in 'Beloved City, Lahore' and was thinking of trying to get some Jaalib poetry from somewhere. This was a great beginning.

29 June, 2006 03:15

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

"Dus crore ye gadhe
Jin ka naam hai awaam
Kya banenge hukmraaN

Replace the 'dus' by 'sau' and you have exactly what seems to be on the minds of the political class in today's India.

That's what I like about good poetry! It tends to be so universal.


22 May, 2007 02:30


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