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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blogger Blues

talk of confusion ...
the opening screen of blogger announces
Looking for news about Blogger? Check out Blogger Buzz!- Eric [2/01/2006 10:38:00 AM]

Maintenance on Monday, November 14

We are planning a two hour outage this evening from 9p to 11p PST). This is to complete the network maintenance we've been performing over the last several weeks.
hmmm. but november 14 is a tuesday!
oh oh ... something else on the page indicates that the announcement is a leftover from 2005.

hey guys-at-blogger: who needs to know about a 2005 outage?

ok so i am at the opening screen of blogger to reconsider, for the nth time, whether i should move to wordpress or, with the blogger-in-beta update, stay with an old friend (and learn to like her new personality).

here's the downside to moving within the family. (can anyone convince me ... please ... i like blogger. really! and i am as loyal as they come. have never given up any of my old loves. just added on new ones.)
1. with blogger in the gunsight of some nuts in pakistan, the ban comes and goes, necessitating the use of pkblogs and inblogs but those do have some tradeoffs, often.
2. neither of them work with the betablogger addresses (unless there's a way i don't know about).
3. i have had immense difficulties accessing some sites that have moved to betablogger. many just don't load. is it me? my computer? my isp? my love of sam harris? adnan sami khan playing with his new voodoo doll?
4. the internal shift can't be undone ... and if i find myself disliking it, there may be no easy way to import it into wordpress (which has an import-from-blogger option but may not be able to handle the betablogger changes).

One (kinda lazy but sensible) option is to continue until blogger enforces the shift. i suspect this will happen in a couple of months when they are out of beta. by then, wordpress will have not only the new import option in place but may have added facilities in response. aaaargh! (this scream may not make sense to some of you .. but it's my scream and it stays!)

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Anonymous BeanZ said...

I feel your pain. Google, ever since they acquired Blogger, have given it no love. The servers haven't been upgraded and the software is buggy. Frequent outages are pissing off even the most loyal of users. Beta Blogger is full of issues. Daring Fireball's post "Beta Is Not an Excuse" is a good read, as always:

Advice: Switch to WordPress and use MarsEdit for posting.


1. You won't have to fuss with the WordPress interface
2. You'll get all the advantages of a great Mac application, and you'll never lose a post to session timeouts and other nonsense that plagues web apps
3. The open source community updates WordPress frequently and there are patches and plug-ins aplenty


1. Tech support needed for WordPress installation, setup, and troubleshooting

Tech support is available to you so it's not really a disadvantage. As a chronic early adopter of technology, your decision is now severely overdue ;)

14 November, 2006 13:19

Blogger insiya said...

I wanna switch tooooo!

Beanz- can I borrow Zak's tech support? *insert puppy face!*

14 November, 2006 13:44

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

I haven't switched from Blogger to Blogger Beta, because I suspect it doesn't let you play around with the HTML code the way that Blogger does and it's not possible to switch back, of course.

14 November, 2006 14:55

Blogger sabizak said...

ufff....thats exactly the dilemma I have been facing since they decided to advertise the new Blogger version. Dont know what to do.
I think I will certainly wait out the time till they enforce the new one.

14 November, 2006 20:16

Anonymous Abbas Halai said...

i recommend wordpress or movable type. wordpress is a lot more flexible and easy to use and you may want to import now.

i made the move recently and am rather relieved.

another issue with google products in particular, is once they're in beta, they stay there for a long, long, long time.

case in point, gmail, google groups, google earth, writely, blogger web comments, google pack, google talk, google video, web accelerator, analytics, reader, calendar, measure map, notebook, sets, transit, and all the shit available on google labs etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on.

either which way, the move to wordpress took me a matter of fifteen minutes and went entirely without a glitch. i was up and going with no issues whatsoever.

16 November, 2006 09:25


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