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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Khoda pahaa∂ - Nikla chooha

... aur voh bhee mara hua!

Fitna turned out to be what we once used to call a 'chüzzzz' ... a kind of anti-climax.

To be fair, it really did make me angry. How dare Wilders call this tired product a film? Put together and presented PowerPoint style, Fitna is merely the stringing together of a bunch of videos easily available all over the net, some other pre-existing footage from archives, newspaper shots, and some stills. Background music comes from Tchaikovsky and Grieg who would have been as angered at this association as is the Danish cartoonist (though the latter is upset - in a twist of decency - about 'copyrights'). Suprimposed over an image of the Qurãn there are some comments/subtitles, but no original footage, no interviews, no revelations, nothing! Director Scarlet Pimpernel, too, offers little I would call 'Direction'. The credit - if any - must go to the Editor.

Both Jehan Ara and I (we watched the film together) were bored and upset at the time wasted. She, fortunately, was able to go back to reading and answering her eMail around 6 minutes into the movie. I had to force myself to see the whole thing because someone from France was going to call and get my views for a Web site to which some of us bloggers from Pakistan contribute occasionally. (I know of Teeth Maestro - who has blogged about this movie, too - and Jamash, but there may be others from here).

The short [non]film says nothing that hasn't been said before. Admittedly there are some horrifying and gory scenes that violence-voyeurs may have missed. "Yes," I told my French caller, later, "it will lead to protests, some violent, others not. And it could further put anyone who even faintly represents the West* at risk in some troubled parts of the world." ... After all, chootia provocations will draw chootia responses.
* ("Don't they all look so-o-o alike? How can one tell?" - a Chinese shipmate had once asked me when I had pointed out the the 'Englishman' he was talking to was, in fact, a Yugoslav and understood no English!)
Even the peaceful among Muslims who are angered by this film - and there is reason enough for many to be angered by the intent if not the content - could respond by putting up links to videos related to Jesus Camp - now there's a frightening scenario to match our choice madrassahs. But what would such mud-slinging achieve, other than further dividing people from each other? Some globalization!

Wilders is not the first politician to choose his path to fame by fanning the flames of hatred, although that role is far better served by the many priests of all religions. It is served most effectively, of course, when the role of politician and priest are combined in one person (as we see frequently in our own country and elsewhere). (Fortunately Wilders will not be accessing my blog or he could get an idea from this and join a Holy Order).

My verdict: I am inclined to agree with the friend quoted at the end of Ali Eteraz's post. (For those unfamiliar with AE's writings, a good place to start would be his Muslamism piece.)


An hour later: Have just seen that a German Web site has placed a WARNING screen before the actual video. I can't translate the rest of paragraph but the large warning in red and black says: ACHTÜNG! Have requested the webmaster to change that to ACHTHÜ!

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Blogger kinkminos said...

the sad thing in all of this is that self-serving and/or tunnel-visioned demagogues will use the film to incite yet more hatred and violence and, in doing so, deflect attention away from problems more immediate to the muslim world.

rather than focusing only on how the non-muslim world is vilifying us, we need to concentrate on putting our own house in order. alas, living in our glass houses we are merely content to throw stones in response to the insults that the rest of the world continues to heap upon us (rightly or wrongly).

31 March, 2008 19:17

Anonymous reformedandfree said...

You people must learn to play by the rules:

(1) Western politician makes a film that is critical/too truthful re Islam

(b) Muslims get angry , burn down Dutch/UK/Danish embassy, chant slogans etc

(iii) Westerners feel satisfied that Easterners are demented barbarians and are therefore "not at all like us".

(four) Muslims in particular and non-Westerners are reassured that Westerners are brutal atheistic savages "and not at all like us".

If you lot aren't going to play by the rules, I really can't see any point in carrying on.

13 April, 2008 05:50

Anonymous rahmat masih said...

FYI: The link from his name, above, is wrong.
reformedandfree's blog is at

13 April, 2008 06:47

Blogger Bolshevik said...

ACHTÜNG! Have requested the webmaster to change that to ACHTHÜ!

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! Good 'un good 'un!!! *falls off chair laughing* :-D

05 May, 2008 18:42


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