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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Laugh a while ... there may be a lot to cry about soon!

1. Each time I hear one of our boozing, womanizing, murderous, hypocritical leaders speak of Islam I am reminded of Dilawar Figar:

Agarcheh poora Musalmaan to naheeñ laykin
Maeñ Apnay deen se rishtah to jo∂ saktaa hooñ
Namaaz-o-Rozah-Hajj-o-Zakaat küchh nah sahee
Shabé Baraat pataakhah to chho∂ saktaa hooñ

2. Alexandre Dumas provided the perfect reason for voting PPP or MQM (or even, horror of horrors, JI and JUI) instead of Imran Khan &c or Nawaz Sharif &c when he said, "Rogues are preferable to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest."

3. T2F's ex-Landlord is, like many of my friends, a mohaajir Pathan from the UP, so I've been wondering if the current situation in Karachi demands that he shoot himself!

4. I close with another Dilawar Figar gem of which I was reminded by the recent arrest of 'miscreants':

Iss khabar par to naheeñ müjh ko ta'ajjüb, Ae Figar:
Ayk ghündah halqaé Lahore mayñ pak∂aa gayaa.
Haañ, agar tho∂ee si haerat haé, to voh iss baat par:
Kaésa ghündah thaa ke jo iss daur mayñ pak∂aa gayaa?

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Blogger Irfan said...

And not to forget the evergreen line with Figaar sahib:

ley ke rishwat phans gaya hai, dey ke rishwat chooT ja!

02 May, 2009 16:32

Blogger Sidhusaaheb said...

Among the reasons that I follow this blog:

1. The excellent Urdu poetry that I get to read.

2. Your sense of humour

3. The satire.

4. Laughs, more laughs and then some more.


04 May, 2009 00:36

Blogger Zakintosh said...

@ Sidhusaaheb - welcome back.

Just in case you or someone is not familiar with the full piece from which Irfan has quoted one misra'h, here it is:

Haakimé rishvat-sitaañ, fikré giraftaari nah kar,
Kar rehaaee kee koee aasaan soorat, chhoot ja.
Maéñ bataaooñ tüjh ko tarkeebé rehaaee, müjh se poochh:
Lay ke rishvat phañs gayaa haé, day ke rishvat chhoot ja!

04 May, 2009 00:50

Anonymous BeanZ said...

Great post, and for once, I am in full agreement with Sidhusaaheb :D

Rock on Zak!

04 May, 2009 15:13

Blogger Ragni said...

i love no. 3.!

25 May, 2009 07:52


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