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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Qasmi Sahab

I heard of the passing away of Qasmi Sahab just as I was being wheeled into the surgery for my hernia operation. Sad though the news was, I couldn't help feel glad that a doctor and an anesthetist were talking about a literary figure. Gave me some kind of hope about our society (and confidence in those about to cut me up).

Checking mail and blogs is the first thing you do after surgery (it's therapeutic and great for recuperation). So I read Sabizak's post as soon as I got home. Not as much of a fan of Qasmi Sahab as many of my friends were, I do agree that with his death another of Urdu's greats has gone. I was fortunate enough to have met and heard him recite on many occasions and remember several of his better ash'aar.

The ghazal that Sabahat has quoted brings to mind the time that a federal minister, attending a concert in Islamabad, sent in a request for Mehdi Hasan to sing that piece at the event. The legendary singer could not help but break into a guffaw, in the middle of whatever he was singing, when the minister's card with the request reached him. Later, he shared the joke with some of his friends. This is the shayr as quoted in the note:
Tu kahaañ jaae gee, küchh apna thikaanah kar lay;
Maeñ to darya hooñ, samandar mayñ ütar jaaooñ ga!

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Blogger the olive ream said...

Once again, I'm left wondering where do we go from here. I asked the same question on the demise of Ashfaq Ahmed.

11 July, 2006 14:07

Blogger sabizak said...

Olive Ream, this is a sea that keeps flowing just like the sea of life does. Qasmi Saahib et al were the greats of one era, as time progresses and people younger than us look back they will talk of a set of another luminaries. Ultimate stature in literary history is determined by time alone. There are fortunately still people who love Urdu and are writing in it and hopefully from those another set of writers will crop up and take over the mantle.

11 July, 2006 14:41

Anonymous rayhan said...

Where these two were giants it must surely be a land of pygmies.

11 July, 2006 15:10

Blogger sabizak said...

lol rayhan, ur such a cynic. Please give us a link to your own blog so we (and you) can delve deeper into these choice nuggets that you throw around.

and lol at that shayr zak, at least the govt. of Pakistan is good for providing its citizens with laughs, now that Anwar Maqsood has completely killed us with his rehashed shows and lines and there doesn't seem to be much comic respite coming from the younger lot either, which is churning out equally cliched stuff (most of the time)

11 July, 2006 18:03

Blogger the olive ream said...

Obviously no one can match your profundity and wit. It obviously takes an extremely high intellect to continuesly ridicule other bloggers on various different blogs under the comfortable blanket of anonymity.

I for one kneel before your genius and ask you to forgive my ignorance and spare me your response to any future comments that I may make in the future.

12 July, 2006 18:16

Anonymous rayhan said...

To The Olive Ream:

Respected Sir - I meant no offence to you. My comment was neither profound nor intended to be witty. I have always felt these two people are over-rated in their quality and skills but accept that they have played a very important role (specially ANQ) in the furtherance of Urdu Literature. FYI, I come from a long line of Urdu enthusiasts and scholars but feel that, even if that were not the case, I would be entitled to a view that is different from yours. In fact you have taken this very plea in your counter-comments to 'anonymous' on another one of Zakintosh's posts (Loud and Clear?).

You have accused me, without any justification, of hiding 'under the blanket of anonymity'. In your dictionary Anonymous must mean Someone Who Does Not Have A Blog Or Wish To Share An E-Mail Address. Most certainly Rayhan does not equal Anonymous in Arabic.

However, in order to not enter into a battle - and that, too, on someone else's turf - I shall accede to your uncalled-for sarcasm, and respond only to any future comments that you may make in the past.

To Sabizak:

There are several reasons that I do not blog. If I ever do, I shall certainly leave a link on your blog.

To Zakintosh:

Apologies for wasting your space. I did not expect The Olive Ream to become so sensitive. Leave a note here if you would rather keep the comments section for friends alone.

12 July, 2006 19:48

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Rayhan: This is not a private forum. Your comments, which I enjoy a lot, are as welcome as are The Olive Ream's and Sabizak's. I am curious about your Urdu connections (among a host of other things) but leave you to 'unveil' them if and when you see fit.

Thanks for dropping by frequently.

12 July, 2006 20:30


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