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Sunday, December 20, 2009

T2F 2.0 is back!

Science Ka Adda — Salman Hameed, from Hampshire College, is here to start the days off with a new lecture on "Humans in the Cosmos: How 400 Years Of Telescopes Have Changed The Way We Look at Ourselves!" … Don't forget to see this startling talk (on December 22nd at 6.30 pm) by a brilliant young man.

Not into Science? Hmmm ... take a trip and see what you'd been missing! There's an exhibit of some of Pedro Meyer's beautiful work. And brilliant Coffee and other stuff. Books to buy … and many even to read at the studio upstairs. Music, too: It's soft and does not hurt your years. Urdu (and English) poetry, literature and more stuff to go. Coming to you soon.

Ohhh … if you are an Entrepreneur, there are seats for you, too, on a short/long term basis (just 5, though). A sponsor? A quick event? There's more … you know!

Drop in …

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Anonymous Mehreen said...

you were on the show "the first blast" the discussion being male power/dominance/masculinity, I must say listening to you was a very enjoyable experience, its sad that there are very few people who have a mind set like yours.


20 December, 2009 21:50

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Thanks, Mehreen. Take a look at a couple of the older shows, too, from 'The First Blast' on YouTube (try channel zakidvai).

21 December, 2009 04:17

Anonymous Ziad Asim said...

gr8 to see T2F back!... It would be really nice if the T2F events could be live on Skype in that way us away can join the events....

21 December, 2009 19:04

Anonymous Mehreen said...

ok thanks

21 December, 2009 22:28

Blogger Sahar Rizvi said...

Alas I too watched your interviews, it was wonderful to hear your voice and perspective. I believe refreshing is the word.

You're awesome Zak Bhai!



25 December, 2009 11:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

08 January, 2010 10:20


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