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Sunday, August 02, 2009

What the hell is wrong with our people?

The Gojra killings, in which the Christian minority has been targeted, are not an isolated incident. The fascistic attitude of several religious groups has become a scar on the face of Pakistan and, if not checked, will disfigure it beyond recognition.

The Taliban may have suffered defeats at the hands of the Army in the recent skirmishes and battles, but the obnoxious ideas that have been planted in a large number of minds by a range of religious fanatics (and it's rare to see the face on TV of a Mulla who isn't) have to be actively countered. Any religion or 'ism' that becomes dogmatic, is bound to become intolerant and fascistic.

I am still reeling from shock after reading the attached 'notice'.

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OpenID sacredfig said...

Could you please translate what is written in the note?

02 August, 2009 17:45

Blogger Zakintosh said...

Here's a quick attempt:

[This is a form letter and THIS copy is addressed to a specific Shia Mosque/Religious Community Centre. Also I am offering the sense of the letter so that it conveys the gist. It may not always be a literal translation. My comments, where added, are in square brackets]

Open Letter to Non-Muslims (i.e. Shias) from the Pakistan Taliban Movement

This recipient in particular and all Kafirs (i.e. Shias) residing in Pakistan are categorically warned that the majority of people in this land of this country are Muslims and followers of islam and non Muslims are in a minority. All sects of Muslims follow the proper Deen except Kafirs (i.e. Shias) who hiding behind the fa├žade of Islam cause damage to Islam and give it a bad name.

All Kafirs (i.e. Shias) are invited by this Movement to accept Islam and are informed that if they wish to stay in peace in this region, they must accept one of 3 courses:

1. Accept Islam
2. Pay Jizyah [a tax under Islamic fiq'h levied on non-Muslims. while Muslims pay Zakaat]
3. Emigrate

In the case of Shias non-acceptance of any one of these conditions, all properties and places of worship will be taken over. The women of the Kafirs will be subjected to Muta'a(Zina) [what Shias term temporary marriage but the Taliban deem fornication - which, in this case would imply an act of rape]. The children will be treated as slaves and will either be converted to islam or used as unpaid bonded labour.

If the Kafirs do not accept these decisions of The Movement, it will become manadatory for us to kill them and the Shias, themselves, will be responsible for the losses and consequences.

Issued by:
Muslim Khan
Pakistan Taliban Movement

[I have taken the original image from a Facebook post]

02 August, 2009 19:02

Blogger BS said...

Oh my god!!! This can't be real. Wait, yes it can.

02 August, 2009 19:30

Blogger Faiza said...

When was this image posted to the original site? And which dispeccable site was it?

03 August, 2009 06:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this means more chaos and killings, simply!

03 August, 2009 10:02

Blogger Ali Kazim Gardezi said...

i've heard about such a letter, but seeing it for the first time. it's unbelievable, to what extent these bastards can go...

y dont they just die and let everyone else live in piece. i'm going to put it on my facebook, to show the real face of talibaans.

03 August, 2009 12:32

Anonymous rahmat masih said...

@ali "y dont they just die and let everyone else live in piece" ... because the'y prefer everyone else die in pieces.

(apologies. i know that this is no time to joke)

03 August, 2009 12:38

Blogger sabizak said...

I have read the letter before and was deeply enraged by it but the mutaa (zinaa) makes me a bit wary. Why would anyone call their so called legitimate act zina themselves and be liable for punishment under Islamic laws? Fishy, no?

04 August, 2009 16:18

Blogger Zakintosh said...

@Sabizak I, too, was a bit taken aback at first by this, but was told by someone who insisted that Sunnis had received similar threats in Iran which had stated that their daughters would be forced into a Mut'aa - a statement that I cannot find any corroborating references to - that, in his opinion, it was just a case of a tit-for-tat threat.

04 August, 2009 19:06

Blogger ellen1 said...

Ellen. I wonder if the Wahabis and Taliban know that Al Azhar University in Cairo issued a fatwa in l954 stating that Twelver Islam (the main branch of Shia Islam) is one branch of Islamic jurisprudence. I.e., Shias and Sunnis are one in Islam.
If the Wahabis and Taliban don't accept that ruling from the leading Islamic authority, then I guess that imposing the Jizeh tax for non-Muslims, though insulting, is not too harmful although I'm sure the good Shias will pay the zakat also and thus be taxed twice. Perhaps their mosques could reduce the zakat by what they pay in jizeh tax.
However, the Taliban have been very unjustly persecuted by the Bush administration for "harboring terrorists" i.e., Osama Bin Laden, when in reality they offered to turn him over to a third neutral country for a trial by an Islamic court. Bush refused and is therefore responsible for Osama Ben Laden's failure to go to trial.
Justice would say that the Taliban should not be attacked but should be invited into the political process.

04 August, 2009 21:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi! i didnt even bother reading the extract you posted. because i am well aware of what you modern people of today are trying to promote. anti-islam, islam as an intolerant religion, and all that sort of bull shit! and frankly speaking... there is only one thing you leave for me to say...

KISS MY A**!!!!

01 December, 2009 21:34


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